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Custom Hardscaping Services in Dallas, TX

When it comes to the installation of a permanent structure in your yard, you want a hardscaping expert who is up to the task of giving you the results you’re looking for. At Guerrero Landscape, we’re more than qualified to deliver a finished product that will not only be an architectural masterpiece but will provide the functionality you’re wanting. Building hardscape structures ranging from patios and outdoor kitchens to sidewalks and pergolas, we’re a full-service hardscaping company that can do it all.   


Outdoor Kitchens

Wood Fencing



Retaining Walls


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Showcase Your Personal Style

A retaining wall will give you a permanent way to keep the soil around it in place, while also providing better drainage in your yard. Not only are retaining walls useful, but they also add texture and dimension to your background, allowing you to showcase your personal style. We only utilize quality materials made to withstand the elements to ensure you’ll have a fixture that will last for years to come. Before beginning the project, we’ll have one-on-one consultation, after which our team will help you decide the best course of action for your yard. 

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Efficient Surface Solutions

Driveways don’t have to be boring, and they can be another way to boost the curb appeal of your home. Pavers can be installed over your existing driveway or over gravel surfaces, making the installation process both cost-effective and efficient. With so many options available to you, you can count on us to deliver a solution that will help to restore your driveway. 

You can count on our professional team to provide a hardscaping solution tailored to your needs and preferences. We’re confident we’ll not only meet your needs but exceed them.