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Fiberglass Pool Installation Company in Dallas Texas

At Guerrero Landscaping, we offer fiberglass pools for sale and installation near Dallas, TX. We offer all sizes of pools for sale and cover the installation. Learn all the benefits of a fiberglass pool paired with our services here!



What Makes A Fiberglass Pool The Best Option?

We don’t doubt that a swimming pool is an excellent addition to your backyard. Still, when you decide on getting one, you will encounter many options, which is when you genuinely question, which is the best option for a swimming pool?



One of the most popular options these days is a fiberglass pool with all due reason. Its advantages are hard to surpass:

  • Smooth surface: Other pool materials like concrete have a rough feel. It’s not uncommon to get scratched in one of these. However, a fiberglass pool has a soft and smooth finish.
  • Smooth Installation: Because fiberglass pools are a single piece that is prefabricated, installation won’t take long.
  • Durability:  A fiberglass pool can last two to three decades without resurfacing.
  • Overall best cost: Not only it’s cost affordable, but it is also cheaper to maintain. You can also add unique features at a fraction of the cost vs. other materials.


What Makes A Fiberglass Pool Reliable?

It’s not difficult to figure out why so many people opt for having a fiberglass swimming pool when seeing all its advantages. Still, some aspects make the difference if you obtain quality results.

First, how a fiberglass pool is made will affect its lifetime and quality, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The second is the installation of a fiberglass inground pool. This is a more complex task that requires special machinery and precision.



If you want a fiberglass pool, you should always look for the best product and installer. At Guerrero Landscaping, we cover both. We sell and install premium fiberglass pools. We deliver grade A results for our clients by sticking to our high standards.

Additionally, the finishing work is part of the installation process that many don’t consider. We offer hardscaping and landscaping services for this. Get a free estimate for our complete services today!

We Do It All With Excellence.

Dallas Texas' Best Pool Installation Contractor

At Guerrero Landscaping, we don’t agree that you should lose quality for comfort. Oh, but the contrary. As a full-service landscaping company, we offer tree trimming services in Dallas, with which you can guarantee a detailed, high-quality job.

Tree trimming is about enhancing and preserving your tree’s appeal. It also promotes healthy tree growth. Therefore, a tree trimming job should be precise.

You can obtain these results easily with a professional. At Guerrero Landscaping, we stand behind each of our services, including our tree trimming service in Dallas, ensuring our certified crew members’ expert assistance for every job. Contact us today!


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