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Wood Fence Services in Dallas, Texas

Backyard living is excellent, and while sharing can sometimes make things better, when it comes to your backyard’s sacred corner, safeguarding it for yourself and the select few of your choice is better. And it is even more, by adding an appealing feature from the inside and out like wood fence

If somebody asked you to close your eyes and picture the ideal landscape with a classic look, a wood privacy fence would be a part of it. Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, there is no better addition to your landscape than a wood fence, so it blends with your landscape and elevates your property from the exterior.

We guide you through the amazing options available when choosing a wood fence and how our services can help you achieve them in the best way.

Choose The Right Fence

The world of wood fencing is vast. Apart from the style, one of the most important choices when building a wood fence is the type of wood used. The different varieties can range in looks but also features you want your wood fence to have. Here’s a breakdown:

Cedar: Many know that wood has to be treated and maintained regularly, so if durability and resistance are your top concerns, cedar is ideal. Because it is porous, it doesn’t rot as quickly as other woods and resists pests.

Redwood: Redwood is another insect and weather-resistant wood with a characteristic red tone. Its richness is great when you are after curb appeal.

Cypress: Cypress is often used in heavy construction, meaning your cypress wood fence will hold up nicely, too, even when exposed to the elements. It is also a very affordable option in the South of the United States.

Pine: Pine can be a great companion in your fencing project. Despite not being ideal for a picket fence, it is still superior to use in the supporting structures of your fence, like the posts, due to its stability and mix with other woods.

A wood fence project involves more than just building the fence. It calls for an expert to pick the suitable materials, craft wood correctly, and follow all the right steps, like applying a stain to achieve and preserve outstanding results.

AAll of that is essential, which is why it is an indispensable part of our fencing services. Whether you want a standard design, a horizontal wood fence, or any other style of your choice, Guerrero Landscaping can perform them all.
AAs our years of experience have increased to reach more than two decades in business, we’ve maintained high-quality and kept our costs down. Quality is convenient with our wood fence solutions. Contact us today!

Let Guerrero Landscaping help bring your dream to life!


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