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Sprinkler System Installation in Dallas, TX

A low sprinkler system cost is easily attainable when you trust Guerrero Landscaping to supply and install it. We can customize your system to the unique needs of your lawn. Using a sprinkler system eliminates the risk of under- or over-watering your yard, a common issue with manual watering.

An efficient irrigation system offers the added benefit of saving water. An automated system will allow you to have a programmed watering schedule, guaranteeing your lawn gets just the right amount of water.


Get Dependable Landscape Irrigation Services

Maintain a healthy, green lawn when you have sprinkler systems professionally installed by our team. We’ll give you a sprinkler or irrigation system that’s geared toward your budget and lawn’s specific needs. Benefit from the insight you’ll receive from specialists who are experienced in all aspects of landscape irrigation services and committed to providing a tailored solution you’ll love.


Lower your water bill by contacting us for professional sprinkler system installation. Water is distributed evenly on your lawn, so say goodbye to watering the sidewalk.


Entice potential buyers and increase the value of your home with an irrigation system. This luxurious amenity will make your home more competitive on the housing market.


Get your dream irrigation system to save yourself from hours of watering your lawn with a hose. Come to us for your sprinkler system installation needs, and you’ll get more time for yourself.

Conserve water and become more eco-friendly in your watering schedule. We build our sprinkler systems for efficiency.


Sprinkler Installation Without Hassle

You’ll know you’re in capable hands when you trust us for professional sprinkler installation services. We have a thorough understanding of these systems, and we only utilize durable products that are built to last and assure long-term performance.

We conceal the components of the system in an inconspicuous location, giving you the benefit of a sprinkler system without the hassle or eyesore of the equipment.

providing-proper drainage

Providing Proper Drainage

Having a proper drainage system is important to prevent excess water from gathering around your home’s foundation. To prevent this buildup, we’ll use of a French drain, strategically digging trenches to drain the water away from your property and redirect it to a street or storm sewer.

As a business with a comprehensive understanding of these complex systems, you can count on our crew to provide a seamless, comprehensive sprinkler installation.

sprinkler-system Installation

We believe in creating healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients. The best way to do it is by being transparent, providing fair prices, doing grade-A quality work, and fulfilling our client’s requests.

We can help you with a professionally installed drip irrigation system, above-ground sprinkler system, or whichever lawn sprinkler system you find to be most convenient for your property and comfort. We offer watering systems with sprinkler control and irrigation controllers or installing more easy-to-use yard sprinkler systems.


Working on a DIY sprinkler system may sound like an appealing idea at first. Still, most large landscaping projects will require expertise and knowledge that only professionals such as our staff here at Guerrero Landscaping have been able to garner throughout the business years.

We are available to install a beautiful garden watering system or replacing sprinkler heads in your current irrigation system if that’s what you need assistance with. The lowest cost to install a sprinkler system is found here at Guerrero Landscaping. Please send us a message or call us for any water sprinkler related help.


Let Guerrero Landscaping help bring your dream to life!

Founded with the desire to exceed expectations in every aspect of our job, we do whatever we can do to make the customer happy. We value honesty and integrity, and we’ll do whatever we can to operate at the high standards set for ourselves. Our mission is to deliver quality services that yield exceptional results, and at the same time, we’re building lasting relationships with our clients. From the initial project estimate to the finishing touches, we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the final product.


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