At Guerrero Landscaping, we craft all sorts of beautiful hardscapes for our clients. Working a lot with concrete in diverse outdoor applications, we know it is a solid and resistant material. It can easily last many years with proper installation. Still, time and the elements can eventually affect it and flaw it. However, it remains a great option that will last and look better longer with the help of concrete renovations.

Rescue Your Concrete Surfaces!

We implement techniques used for concrete restoration in an efficient process that we refer to as concrete renovations. Our services offer homeowners in Dallas and surrounding areas an integral solution. 
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We first do concrete repair to correct issues, concrete resurfacing to get a brand new smooth and firmer surface, and even concrete decoration for a better look. Here’s an in-depth of our process:

  • When we execute concrete renovations, we use different repair techniques such as patching concrete or filling cracks. Our expertise comes into play when performing renovations to vanish every defect.
  • If your entire concrete surface looks dull with cement renovations, specifically concrete resurfacing can make a drastic improvement. By pouring an overlay with special bonding agents and cement, it will even out the surface and increase its durability.
  • Apart from this, you get other concrete resurfacing options like decorative concrete resurfacing thanks to pattern overlays, which you can select to taste.

Let Us Help With Superior Work

Like any other remodeling project, concrete renovations will make your outdoor surfaces look brand new. Professional work is the key to success. At Guerrero Landscaping, we provide cement renovations that cover every job demand, from a concrete patio resurfacing to driveways, walkways, and much more. 

As experts in hardscaping, we count on all the concreting equipment and expertise for results completely worth the effort and investment. We are the number one option to renovate concrete near Dallas, Texas. Call (469) 398-9896 today!