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in Dallas, TX

For those who think of their home as a sacred oasis and have worked hard to turn their interior and exterior spaces into it, it is only reasonable to be territorial and protective of it. You choose who gets to enjoy these spaces with you, and you need barriers for those who don’t.

Whatever the reason, a fence is a solution to add those features: protection, privacy, curb appeal, and more. At Guerrero Landscaping , we create those unique spaces and assist you with fence installation to add durability and value.

Experts in multiple outdoor improvement solutions, we are the complete fence contractors in Dallas. We carry out fence installation and exterior improvements from zero!

Extensive Options & Benefits

There are many options to take your fence installation project to new heights regarding materials, fence styles, and even other additions like stone walls.

From all-time classic picket styles or an opulent stone wall with a metal lattice fence, you won’t run short of ideas, just like our fence installation service won’t fall short executing them exquisitely. We offer you fantastic fence styles in the best materials:

fencing services guerrero landscaping


Wood fencing blends smoothly with your exterior spaces, and wood is a sturdy construction material that can last with proper treatment and maintenance, which our fence installation can provide. Additionally, the upfront cost of a wood fence is very budget-friendly.


Metal is the top option for security, not only for your property but also for the fence itself, as it will resist the elements with the proper maintenance. Different metals will offer other price points, so a metal fence is an option for every need and budget.

Secure Your Property & Investment With Quality Services

Guerrero Landscaping offers options on a budget. Price is a huge concern, but so are durability and security. All of these can be met with our fence installation services. You can get the ultimate value services paired with our other affordable solutions. Call us today for a free estimate!