5 Commercial Landscaping Ideas You Should Try!

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5 Commercial Landscaping Ideas You Should Try!

You want everything that relates to your business to give a great impression, and that is why we advise you not to forget about commercial landscaping. That’s correct; the way you maintain your outdoor spaces can also say a lot about your company, and it can be in the best way possible.

There are so many beautiful ideas for commercial landscaping that you shouldn’t cut short. Because of this, we are sharing this list of some great ones you can try!

1-Planting Trees In The Parking Lot

If your property counts on an exterior parking lot, you can implement commercial landscaping to make it more pleasant. We are talking specifically about trees. Trees are an excellent way to breathe life into a rather bare area. With the hot sun here in Guerrero or any other sunny area, your guests will thank you a lot!

2-Corporate Color Palette & Design

It is vital to reflect your business’s identity to your audience. You may not have thought of it, but commercial landscaping can help you transmit it as well. Not only to those who engage with your business but to the public in general!

Don’t be afraid to use some of your corporate color palette or one that matches your property. Flower beds are great for this, but also certain trees and shrubs can help you do this more subtly. 

Mixing and matching specific colors and textures in commercial landscaping can help reflect specific feelings like calmness, seriousness, and such. You can adjust them to fit your business identity!


Both functional and appealing, hardscaping is one key asset of commercial landscaping that can take your exterior spaces to the next level. Think about it. You could have a small brick wall as signage to place your company’s logo, sitting areas for employees, adding pavers and walkways for people to transit the building, and much more. There are tons of possibilities! It is just a matter of choosing what adjusts to your needs.

4-Make Your Entrance The Focal Point

A popular trend among commercial landscaping is sprucing up entrances and with all due reason. If you want to direct and attract customers to your entry, using shrubs, trees, and other landscaping elements around the entrance will give it a boost. It can be a way of welcoming your audience into your property.

5-Landscaping & Signage

Sometimes, you can also use commercial landscaping to enhance outdoor signage. Again, thanks to the vast options of commercial landscaping services, there are many ways you could do this. For instance, you can pair different elements such as landscape lighting and hardscaping with signature greenery such as flower beds to accentuate signs, shrubs, climber plants, etc.

We hope you liked these commercial landscaping ideas. However, if you want them to come to life and maintain a beautiful landscape all year round, you can work with us, Guerrero Landscaping! 

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