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Creating An Evergreen Garden

A home garden is one of the most rewarding pleasures in life. Wouldn’t you want to relax outdoors after a long day of work, have a spot for your children to play, or gather your favorite people surrounded by nature? We surely do, just as many. We also would like to be able to enjoy it year-round, even during those mild winters or dry months in Dallas. If you would like that just as much as we do, an evergreen garden is a perfect option for you —And you can get started today! You read that correctly. Planning is one of the most important stages of evergreen gardening (and almost any project, for that matter). This guide will be your starting point. Learn everything you need to know about creating your evergreen garden below:

Defining The True North for Evergreen Garden

Before you rush to look at plant catalogs or sketch your backyard, please take a moment to sit back and browse garden ideas. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t labeled “evergreen gardens.” You first want to explore what you want your garden to look like. It’ll be much easier to plan accordingly and include evergreen elements that adjust to your vision.

The Functionality Aspect

Once you’ve set a reference, you can then get onto drawing the layout, designating areas, and choosing plant species. It can take a bit of trial and error if you are a gardening rookie since you have to balance the different needs of your plants with the look you want to achieve, but you will get the hang of it, especially with the upcoming tips in this guide.


The Style Aspect

There’s room to play with evergreen plants, as they come in different species, shapes, textures, and even colors. We won’t dive deep into garden design fundamentals, but with your reference, you can mimic the design of your choice and make the necessary adjustments.

Something important to keep in mind is that evergreens can be similar in their dark green color and even some shapes. You can easily balance that out with trimming or varying textures.


Choosing Evergreen Plants

Evergreen garden plants are the basis of your evergreen garden. While lasting all seasons should be the main characteristic of your greenery, you should also consider other equally important factors. There are many, but we’ve condensed the basic ones to get started:

Soil Type: The conditions below your evergreen garden are equally as crucial as the ones surrounding them. The weather may not be a problem, but what about the soil? It is essential to check if your soil has the right conditions or adjust your plant species to it.

Light or Shade: Placement will also affect chosen species. Ask yourself if they prefer shade or light and if you have the right spot for that.
Available Space: Speaking of space, you must account for the shape of the evergreens. They all have different growing patterns, whether bushes, flowers, or trees. Check them out so your plants aren’t squished and can thrive.
Climate: While evergreens resist all seasons, you can opt for natives of your climate region to keep the installation and maintenance simple.

Don’t Forget About Trees

Trees are an excellent addition to any garden, but evergreens are even more. Now, if you’re not much of a fan of trees, please hear us out. Trees won’t only add a bit of texture and variety. You can use them to add different features, like privacy, shade, wind protection, and of course, appeal. The best part is that all of these features are permanent because your evergreens will always be flourished.

The Installation

Up until now, everything is still in the abstract. Once you have your plan, you can take it into action: gathering the supplies and resources, prepping the area, and so on.

There are many more details to consider that come from experience. At Guerrero Landscaping, we not only share but also implement them when creating a high-quality evergreen garden. Make your Garden form here.


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