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Artificial Turf & Grass: What Are They & What They’re Best For? – Dallas Landscaping

We are professional landscapers in Dallas with a lot of experience. One thing we focus on besides sod is artificial grass installation. Why? Because we want to offer solutions for all requirements. When it comes to artificial grass, two main categories can be used: artificial turf and artificial grass. This is the result of each of them being made to fit specific needs. We think this is fantastic. There are various reasons home, or business owners in Dallas may want to install any of these synthetic grass applications, which differ from each other. However, this may also generate confusion, which is why Guerrero Landscaping, as local Dallas landscapers, provides this simple guide to artificial grass and turf. We will answer: What is artificial grass + applications ? What is artificial turf + applications? By answering these simple questions, you will tell them apart and learn which one is best to use if you are considering installing any in your lawn or landscape. Let’s review them!

Why Artificial Turf & Grass?

Artificial Turf & Grass: When you can’t or don’t want to use real grass, but you still want the appearance and feel of it in your exterior spaces, synthetic applications are available. They are made to mimic natural grass from human-made fibers, but they will remain at your desired height all across.

From residential landscapes to building terraces, football fields, golf fields, balconies, landscapes, and more, synthetic grass applications are incredibly convenient. They still require light maintenance, but overall, they can save you a hassle.

Since synthetic grass applications can be used in many different areas for different purposes, variations are a must. The two categories we mentioned and are reviewing are artificial grass and artificial turf. If they are both artificial, you may be wondering what the difference is? Learn about it below:


What Is Artificial Grass – Dallas

Artificial grass is made from plastic fibers that look like grass, stitched to a backing, similar to carpets. But what is artificial grass for home and business owners? If you are on the hunt for a product that looks and feels excellent, artificial grass is your ideal choice.

The most common artificial grass applications are in residential landscapes, lawns, backyards, a building terrace, or an exterior terrace, playgrounds, etc. It is also great for pets! Essentially, artificial grass provides curb appeal without all the regular maintenance real grass or sod require.

Still, to preserve artificial grass, there is some light maintenance to execute. It consists of fluffing it, removing leaves, yard debris, and applying weed and moss control products, which we have available here at Guerrero Landscaping. If you have pets, you will also need to clean their waste immediately and sanitize the area.


What Is Artificial Turf – Dallas

We will teach you what is artificial turf and discuss its applications, many of which are useful for Dallas residential and commercial properties. Since it is shallow, shorter, artificial turf is a rougher alternative for synthetic grass applications. This trait is precisely what gives it its resistance to withstand a lot of transit and wear.

If you’re thinking of using a synthetic grass option for sports fields like tennis courts, golf courts, swimming pool areas, commercial areas, or such, artificial turf is up for the task.

It is pretty inexpensive as far as maintenance, considering we take out common factors in real grass, such as growth and nutrients. To maintain turf, you can follow our previous recommendations for artificial grass. Also, pay close attention to brushing the filaments up regularly as it affects the turf’s structure, which is crucial for its function. Ensuring proper drainage is also vital since it prevents moss and mold growth.

Final Thoughts

We have answered what is artificial turf and what is artificial grass. Now, you can see both options offer exceptional benefits such as less maintenance, affordability, durability, and versatility. If you opt for synthetic grass, you should choose the best type according to your needs and ensuring adequate installation and regular maintenance. If you look for professional artificial grass installations in Dallas, you can recur to us!


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