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Easy & Quick Guide To Fiberglass Pool Maintenance

If “low-maintenance” is what first attracted you to a fiberglass pool besides its durability, you may be thinking, what? Isn’t a fiberglass pool easy to maintain? Why do I need a complete fiberglass pool maintenance guide? But don’t worry. We are sharing this post to discuss every detail you must know about fiberglass pool maintenance, simply because it is the key to its incredible lifespan. Once you’ve secured a quality product, you just have to give it proper care. With fiberglass pools, doing it is a no-brainer, and you’ll see that once we break down everything. It won’t take much time and resources to upkeep your fiberglass pool, so without further adieu, here’s what you need to know on how to take care of a fiberglass pool:

Fiverglass Pool When Not Using It

When you don’t use your pool, it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on it. It is the most crucial time for preventing contamination and other issues. Fiberglass pool maintenance is easy due to preventative actions. You don’t even have to make much effort and monitor it instead. There are four important factors you have to consider when owning a fiberglass pool:

  • Water PH: Like any fluid, water has a certain PH level. If the water’s PH level gets too high (above 7.6) or too low (below 7.4), it’ll affect the chlorine and systems. What you have to do is keep the water chemistry balanced to the proper PH level.
  • Water level: You want to keep water at the right level at all times in your pool as part of optimum fiberglass pool maintenance. In this case, the water level should always reach the skimmer for easy cleaning. Avoid draining your pool as well.
  • Chlorine: We all know chlorine is in every pool, and there’s an excellent reason for it. It keeps algae at bay. With fiberglass’s smooth and non-porous surface, the risks of algae are much lower, but not impossible. Check constantly on the chlorine and add as needed.
  • Stabilizer: How can water lose chlorine, you may add? When constantly exposed, leaves aren’t the only element that could affect your pool. Chlorine loss happens by UV-rays exposure. A stabilizer agent will prevent this.
Apart from monitoring these elements, you want to have your pool systems working correctly, such as the pump and filters, so that everything stays clean.
Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Useful Accessories

Before addressing the cleaning part, you must be prepared with the necessary tools and accessories. You can (and we advise you to) invest in certain accessories that facilitate fiberglass pool maintenance significantly.

For instance, a pool cover. Not only does it protect it from annoying leaves but also from UV-ray exposure, subsequently preventing chlorine loss. Open and close your pool as required. When it comes to leaves, a leaf skimmer is a must for cleaning any pool.

While Cleaning It

With everything we've touched on, you can expect the cleaning part is a piece of cake. Again, you don't want to upset your pool chemistry. Therefore, your chosen products should be safe to use in your pool. Thankfully, there is no heavy scrubbing involved since the surface is completely smooth. You'll be done in no more than one entire day vs. other pool materials, which take longer.

Fiberglass pool maintenance is recommended to be done regularly, at least every few weeks. Adjust this depending on its use. You should not only scrub but also skim it and vacuum the debris that sinks. If algae have crept its way, you also want to remove it.

And You’re Ready To Use It!

With these simple recommendations, you’ll spend less time worrying about fiberglass pool maintenance and more enjoying it. And your fun is guaranteed for ages. You’ll be surprised at how long a fiberglass pool lasts. Before fiberglass pool maintenance, you must ensure proper fiberglass pool installation, and thankfully, at Guerrero Landscaping, we can also give you a hand. Consult about our fiberglass pool installation services or any other concerns!


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