Sprinkler Solutions: Which Is the Best for Your Landscape?

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Are you curious about the best sprinkler options within the wide range available? Do you want to maximize your water usage to irrigate your lawn without wasting water and money? Your quest for sprinkler solutions can lead you to many sprinkler options. Still, with the proper guidance, you’ll find the fitting one for your and your landscapes’ particular needs. 

Sprinkler solutions fulfill the same purpose yet come in many different types, varying depending on lawn configurations and water properties in your area. Learn more about them below to make an informed purchase:

Different Sprinkler Solutions for Lawns & Landscapes

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Area Coverage: Small to medium landscapes.

Required Water Pressure: 30 – 40 psi

If you enjoy the clean and neat look of evenly trimmed grass, you may find sprinklers unsightly. Still, if you are all about the aesthetic of your landscape, you will prefer pop-up sprinklers from the rest of the sprinkler solutions.

Their unique trait is very straightforward due to their name. The installation for this type of sprinkler is underground, popping up when in use and hiding when not. If your landscape consists mainly of grass, pop-up sprinklers will be the best choice. 

Pop-up sprinklers have a moderate reach and sometimes can have an uneven distribution. Still, for more extensive lawns, you can install more pop-up sprinklers to cover more ground, which many opt to do. Pop-up sprinklers also come in different heights, which is handy for different types of lawn slopes.

Fixed Sprinklers

Area Coverage: Small to medium landscapes.

Required Water Pressure: 20 – 30 psi.

Perhaps, you don’t need a dynamic sprinkler head to maintain your compacted landscape patch. If you are looking for sprinkler solutions for smaller and somewhat squared gardens, go with fixed sprinklers.

Fixed spray sprinklers are static, but you get the option of fanning them out to create circular spray patterns, whether it is quarters, halves, or entire circles. It comes in handy to place them in edges or corners. Their spray pattern is more of streaming water.

Additionally, suppose you want to save water irrigating your small and straight-edge landscape. In that case, fixed spray sprinklers are great helpers that will prevent water loss.

Rotary Sprinklers

Area Coverage: medium to large landscapes.

Required Water Pressure: 40 – 50 psi.

Suppose you have ever spotted those moving sprinkler heads. In that case, they are rotary sprinklers and a popular choice among all sprinkler solutions. More significant landscapes can benefit from them.

Because of their rotation, these sprinkler heads can reach a vast lawn area, watering in angles or circles of water droplets. Rotary sprinklers also have a slow application time, and they are convenient for types of soils that absorb water slowly to prevent wasted runoff water.

Rotary sprinklers evenly distribute water, so rest assured, there will be no missed spots. Keep in mind that they require high water pressure to operate.

Sprinkler Solutions in Dallas

If you maintain your lawn, you have to rinse it with the right sprinkler system type. You might already have in mind which one you will choose. All there’s left to do is look for the best company for sprinkler installation.

At Guerrero Landscaping, we can not only assist you in finding sprinkler solutions, but we can also provide one for you through our sprinkler system installation services. To learn more about each, you can contact us today!

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