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A Guide To Artificial Grass Drainage System

Artificial grass is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to have a green and manicured space at all times. It doesn’t require much maintenance, but you want to know how to do it right so that it lives up to its expectations of looking neat all the time. We mentioned that one key factor in artificial grass maintenance in a previous blog is proper drainage. Still, there are more aspects to cover regarding an artificial grass drainage system. It is natural for doubts and questions to arise. Today, we gathered our expertise in installing and maintaining artificial grass in this guide. We’ll be covering everything about an artificial grass drainage system here!

Artificial Grass Drainage System: How It Works

If you wondered, “Does fake grass drain water?” The answer is yes. Artificial grass is designed with a drainage solution that makes up an artificial grass drainage system. The first component is the grass itself. The backing in which it is installed has holes that let the water pass through.

However, this alone won’t get rid of water. There has to be subfloor preparation and a sub-base installed to do so during installation. After digging and preparing the soil, a sub-base is added. The sub-base is a crushed stone aggregate (typically granite or gravel) that creates a drainage field. It drains water much faster into the soil or dirt.


For other solid subfloor bases like concrete, a sub-base isn’t necessary. However, you still need to clean, level, repair it, and ensure nothing is poking out. It is essential to discuss these details with your installer first.

Lastly, the water has to have somewhere to go, which is why you need to tie your drainage system to your lawn drainage. If you don’t already have proper drainage, you may want to talk to your installers to develop a solution.


Based on how an artificial grass drainage system works, we can cross out some doubts:

drainage-under- artificial-grass?

Do You Need Drainage For Grass

Absolutely! Its effectiveness relies on doing the proper subfloor preparation and installing the sub-base. When you don’t count on it, problems can occur.

drainage-under- artificial-grass?

How To Make Drainage For Grass?

By following the correct installation process, including subfloor prepping, adding a sub-base, and connecting it to your garden drainage.

drainage-under- artificial-grass?

What Can I Put For Drainage Under Artificial Grass?

A crushed rock aggregate like granite or gravel will be installed over soil or dirt. If the subfloor is solid such as concrete or a wood deck, you don’t need any sub-base for drainage. Still, a shock pad might be necessary.

install a drainage system

Do You Need To Install A Drainage System?

If you don’t already count on proper lawn drainage that can lead the water away or your soil doesn’t drain well, the answer is yes. It is good to talk to a professional that can assess you with the best solution before installing grass or turf.


Preventing Artificial Grass Drainage Problems

An excellent artificial grass drainage system is key to avoiding problems like puddling. They not only look unsightly but can attract pests, promote mildew and mold growth, and even deform the fibers. Ultimately, it will ruin your artificial grass, leading you to have to replace it sooner.

Get Hands-On Experts For Your Project!

The most common artificial grass drainage problems are the result of faulty installation. For instance, installing the wrong sub-base or not preparing the subfloor. Unfortunately, most artificial grass drainage problems can’t be addressed after installation. Complex drainage issues can only be tackled beforehand.

Choosing the best company before starting your project is key. Otherwise, replacement is the way to go. At Guerrero Landscaping, we can help you get precise artificial grass installation in Dallas so that you won’t experience any issues to save money. Get in touch with us!


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