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Landscaper’s Tips For Laying Sod Like a Pro

Having your grass on point is a must if you want the perfect garden, lawn, or landscape. When you think about the ideal exteriors, you probably imagine a landscape with green and manicured grass. It’s only natural, as it makes the majority of your lawn, making it a key feature. There are many alternatives to achieve healthy-looking grass. Sod is one of them, but you need to nail the installation to get the amazing results everybody desires. As experts in the field, Guerrero Landscaping shares the best tips for laying sod in this blog. Read on!


Using old sod is a mistake as it will dry out, and so is buying it too early. One of the essential tips for laying sod is to coordinate your purchase the same day you apply it. The longest you can store it after buying is overnight or 24 hours maximum. If you’re not buying the soil yourself, make sure your installers are always using fresh sod.

Extra tip: If you must store your sod, keep it under shade and avoid them from lying on top of each other to preserve them.



Installing sod on a surface that isn’t properly conditioned is a waste of time and money. You must ensure the soil has all the nutrients and requirements for the sod to thrive. You can find out more by following the seller’s recommendations. Once you’ve secured your soil in the right condition, fertilize it and correct the slope if necessary.



Onto the real deal: how to lay sod. After you’ve followed the previous steps and tips, you want to start by the edges and borders of your lawn, onto the middle, avoiding overlapping. Other great tips for laying sod is to unroll them carefully and work on slopes from top to bottom.

watering for sod


Watering is one of the most delicate matters when laying sod. If you fail to do it correctly, your sod won’t stick. You’ll often hear or read that you must water your sod immediately after installing it. That is correct. Still, another one of the best tips for laying sod that you can’t miss is to dampen the soil before installation. Overall, you want to keep it damp and not swampy.


The Best Time For Laying Sod Is…

Not only how you lay sod is important, but also when. Temperature affects sod installation as it can dry it out if it’s too hot, or the roots can freeze if it’s too cold. You want to choose the best time to lay sod. Because of that, another excellent tip for laying sod is to do it between late summer and early or mid-fall.

Get Hands-On Experts For Your Project!

The last tips for laying sod are essential for every property owner to know. Still, many more factors determine success on your sod installation job. Working with a professional is a great alternative to secure them all.

Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, Guerrero Landscaping is the top choice for superior sod installation. Our top-tier solutions are competitively priced. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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