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Drip Irrigation: Keeping Plants & Landscape Owners Happy.

Drip irrigation is preferred by many and has slowly taken over residential and commercial landscapes and gardens one drop at a time, certainly for the better. A drip irrigation system can become your and your landscapes’ best friend. This blog post will be your comprehensible introduction to drip irrigation!

Discovering Drip Irrigation: How It Works

Drip irrigation is known as a form of micro-irrigation where the water enters the soil a drip at a time. Don’t be deceived by how much water your plants get. It may seem like it isn’t enough, but it is just the right amount to feed your plants.

Behind the drops that gently water your plants, an entire system distributes the water anywhere you need it. Let’s take a peek into how a drip irrigation system works, shall we?


The drippers or emitters are the ones you observe slowly dripping water to your plants. The water comes from a series of tubes located below the ground from the pump unit, which takes water from the designated source and applies the right pressure to pump it into the lines. There are also control valves connected to a backflow preventer. The control valves regulate the water pressure and distribute it throughout the system.

We have described the essential elements of this drip irrigation system. Now, we will touch more on its amazing benefits!


Why Drip Irrigation is Great for Landscapes & Gardens

If drip irrigation has piqued your interest and you want to implement this system in your landscape, you absolutely can.

Even if you enjoy landscapes in general, everyone has a different preference for landscape design. Perhaps you like neat and grassy landscapes, or you lean more towards foliage. This System is ideal for watering plants ranging from garden beds, trees, flowers, bushes, etc., rather than grass.

Are you aware of the top benefits of this system? We will discuss some of them, and you’ll see why it can suit your garden and landscape the best.


Saves Water

With this system, not a single drop of water is wasted. Because it delivers water exclusively to the plant’s root system, the excess water doesn’t just sit on the soil’s top. This helps prevent weed growth and wasting water through evaporation. Additionally, the control valves will only distribute the amount of water you need.

You can choose to install your system only in those areas that require irrigation. These areas are typically where trees, garden beds, or any other plants in your landscape grow. That way, water is saved!


Promotes Healthy Plant Growth

Like we mentioned before, drip irrigation isn’t only beneficial for you but your plants as well. This unique irrigation procedure is consistent and can reduce plant stress. Depending on the type, control valves can include water filters and even distribute fertilizers as well.



The delivery method used in drip irrigation makes it cost significantly less. Saving water is synonymous with decreased water bills. Drip irrigation will only use the amount of water you need to maintain your plants, making every drop and every penny count.

How to Get an Efficient Drip Irrigation System

After going through the basics, drip irrigation seems like a smart option to acquire. Before you do so, remember that the elements of a drip irrigation system can vary, such as drippers or other applications. Two things will secure for this method’s efficiency. First, get the right irrigation system for your landscape, and second, get it designed and installed correctly. 

At Guerrero Landscaping, we can install drip irrigation for residential and commercial properties. Irrigation is vital for landscaping. This is why it is one of the top services we offer. If you want additional information and help on our part, get in touch with us!


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